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Milano IT Consulting is a consulting company that works shoulder to shoulder with its clients as a technological partner, assisting them in implementing the innovative initiatives needed to be successful in an increasingly competitive and ever more global market. We offer solutions for different market sectors and consulting services aimed at defining processes, designing concrete solutions and making them work.

Project phases

Our approach involves an analysis of the market context and type of business our client operates. Once this phase has been completed, the analysis of the requisites leads to the identification of a solution that is congruent with the client’s expectations and the requirements of the market of reference.

This phase involves the development and implementation of a technological solution that meets the needs identified in the previous phase of Analysis.

Following the completion of the Planning and Design phase, the process moves to the next step, which is the training of the end users, those who will put the solution into effect. When the training has been completed, the new technological tool will be deployed, followed by a period of post-deployment assistance, needed to ensure that the client is able to take the utmost advantage of the new technology.

  • Analysis 30% 30%
  • Planning and Design 40% 40%
  • Assistance 30% 30%

Our Approach

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the first step, necessary to accurately evaluate the client’s needs and the type of solution to adopt. This calls for a precise cost-benefit analysis, to evaluate the pros and cons of one solution versus another.

Analysis & Development/Testing

After the preliminary analysis has defined the context, the next step involves the design and implementation of the solution. The Testing stage verifies and validates how well the software product meets the needs identified and confirmed in the Analysis.

Training & Deployment

When the Testing phase has been completed, the end users are trained before the product is installed and embedded in the client’s production process.

Post-Deployment Assistance

Post-Deployment Assistance covers all the activities necessary to the improvement and optimization of the software product after it has been installed, so as to resolve any problems that might arise and expand its functions to the fullest.


Italian SME companies tend to be more concerned with turning out good products than with promoting them or improving the efficiency of their production processes. This means that our clients are more prone to tell us about their problems than to present us with specific requests.

Milano IT Consulting, after having understood the problem and the context in which it has arisen, formulates a proposal for a solution, customized to meet the client’s needs. These are some of the questions we have been asked and the answers we have provided.

How much does an Open Source CRM cost?

Open Source software is created by programmers who allow free access and modification by other independent IT professionals. This is accomplished through user licenses, which, because they involve use and not ownership, are free of charge. This means that the client will only pay the consulting fee for the services provided by Milano IT Consulting.

I have a standard request: do you have a pre-defined price list?

No. Every project has its own characteristics, and every client has a special request. Once the context is clear, we evaluate the project cost and formulate an offer.

How experienced is the team at MITC?

The Milano IT Consulting team is composed of professionals with over a decade of experience with the leading products in their sector of specialization. After having worked with large sector multinationals, they formed a company that leverages on their diverse know-how, accrued thanks to projects commissioned by Italian and foreign clients.

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