Web Marketing

We develop Digital Marketing solutions for SME

Web Sites & SEO

We study the context and identify the role that the website is intended to play in the company Web Marketing communication plan and the objectives to be achieved. We focus on the website’s structure, content and graphic skin. The themes used are ‘responsive’, so they can be adapted to any kind of device (notebook, smartphone, desktop, smart TV). Continue reading

Social Media

A valid strategy of Social Media Marketing must generate a growing for your audience, increase brand awareness and improve the acquisition of lead that will be directed towards business purpose. Our job in the field of Social Media is aimed at SMEs and professionals who intend to preside over social networks effectively and develop actions that ensure concrete and measurable results. Continue reading

Planning and design of E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the name for the sale of goods and services through the web, and is an important business opportunity for companies of all kinds, providing access to a higher number of potential clients and also favoring development on the international markets. Continue reading

Selling on Amazon

For customers who are not interesting in their own E-Commerce, but they want to activate a new sales web channel we offer our service “Selling on Amazon“.

“Selling on Amazon” is the service of Milan IT Consulting that enables activities concerned to place their products on Amazon.it and other European Marketplace Amazon (.de, .co.uk, .es, .fr). Continue reading

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