Selling on Amazon and becoming an Amazon Seller

Selling on Amazon is the service of Milan IT Consulting that enables activities concerned to place their products on and other European Marketplace Amazon (.de,, .es, .fr).

For customers who are not interesting in their own E-Commerce, but they want to activate a new sales web channel we offer our service “Selling on Amazon“.

Milano IT Consulting’s activities are:


  • TARGETS AND KPI: we help the customer in the definition of sales targets and KPI
  • DEFINITION OF CATALOGUE: we analyze the Market and the Competitors to establish the better Catalog Products
  • SUPPORT FOR LOGISTICS PROCESS: we provide support for the Logistics Process in accordance with the Amazon’s directives
  • MANAGE THE CATALOGUE: we upload on platform each reference with its attributes (descriptions, images, size and other characteristics)
  • SALES LOGIC: we define the Price Rules and the Product Catalog for the 5 Marketplaces (Italy, Germany, UK, France and Spain)
  • PRICING: we monitor the trend of demand and supply and act in real time on Prices
  • INVENTORY REPORT: we elaborate the inventory report
  • SALES PROCESS MANAGEMENT: we manage the sales process by supporting the requests of users in the process of Pre-Sales, Sales and post Sales
  • FOLLOW UP AND REPORT: we arrange periodic reports on profit sales, refunds and Amazon’s commissions
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