Company Website and SEO

Milano IT Consulting assists its clients in the design and realization of their Company Website, using the most up to date Content Management Systems.

Today, it is obligatory for a Company to have an online presence, not only for the sake of visibility, but to upgrade communication with partners and clients.

Despite this, at present only about 30% of Italian companies have a website, and the percentage drops down to 25% for those with fewer than 10 employees.

The reasons for these low numbers have to do with a business culture that has historically focused on turning out a good product rather than on publicity and promotions.

Each project calls for particular attention to issues involving online presence and visibility, using the most appropriate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

In addition, the Milano IT Consulting proposal includes the graphic skin and the creation of a logo, as well as company business cards and brochures.

Company Website architecture and design



We study the context and identify the role that the website is intended to play in the company communication plan and the objectives to be achieved

Planning & Design

We focus on the website’s structure, content and graphic skin


The themes used are ‘responsive’, so they can be adapted to any kind of device (notebook, smartphone, desktop, smart TV)

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